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Hello my name is Marianne Rocha. My passion for cooking and baking goes way back to when I was just a little girl growing up in Brazil. I was raised in a family of great home cooks. I have developed a special passion for making Brazilian truffles - aka, Brigadeiro. I started making Brigadeiro when my daughter - Missy - turned one year old. Inspired by everyone's appreciation of my work, I started to make Brigadeiro every year for Missy's birthday party.

Dark & Milk Chocolate.heic
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To be recognized as the best Brigadeiro in the USA. 

To make the first, most unique artisan chocolate, most mouthwatering dessert in the country.  We achieve this vision through our passion and gratitude and by being the most effective presence of our delicious artisan chocolate through packaging, merchandising, promotion and customer service.  When asked “what Little Bee Sweets are you most proud of?” We want the Little Bee Sweets to be at the top of the list as unique memorable gifts.

box of 8.heic
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